Investment banking bonuses 2015 - best and worst case scenarios

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Investment banking bonuses 2015

Where are the 2015 bonuses hiding?

When people in the banking industry wonder about their bonuses, they do not turn to Paul the Octopus or to a Ukrainian pig that can see into the future, but to Alan Johnson, a compensation consultant who works closely with Wall Street Banks. Johnson has just released a new set of bonus predictions for 2015, and they are mixed.

Below we show Johnson's best and worst case scenarios for bonuses this year. Predictably, M&A and equities professionals are likely to be paid up. Underwriting and fixed income sales and trading professionals aren't (although things might be ok if you're on a rates desk).

Johnson has also put together the chart below. Read it, wonder why you aren't working on the buy-side.

Bonus forecasts by business:

Alan Johnson bonuses Q215

Source: Johnson Associates 

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